Westover Women’s Institute Hall

Westover, ON

April 08, 2015

Our local Dulux Paints stores gave back to their community by donating paint and time for a colourful refresh of the Westover Women’s Institute Hall.

In the small town of Westover not far from Hamilton, Ontario sits the century-old Westover Women’s Institute that ties this community together. Used every week for many not-for-profit and community events, the Women’s Institute works very hard at raising funds to keep this building alive and to provide funds for scholarships to local schools, the needy in the community as well as donating to third world countries. They are also involved in printing and distributing a small local newspaper for Westover to keep the community informed.

It is a building that is in desperate need of a face-lift. The main floor that area that the team will be painting was originally used for drop off with wagons when there were functions on the top floor. The space has not been painted for decades.