Coxwell Laneway Mosaic Mural

Toronto, ON

August 27, 2016

Our local Dulux Paints store provided the paint for the backdrop of this mosaic mural created on the large concrete wall that wraps around the Coxwell subway station at 1612 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, ON.

The aim of the Coxwell Laneway Mosaic Mural (an initiative of East End Arts) is to celebrate the life and spirit of the community. This artist-lead and designed, community project informed by neighbourhood consultations was created with the assistance of youth and emerging artist trainees and community volunteers.

A mosaic is a picture made up of many distinct component pieces and, in Canadian iconology, represents ideals of acceptance, accommodation, and multiculturalism. These are important values for the Coxwell/Danforth neighbourhood to embrace as it rediscovers itself and moves into the future. The pieces of the neighbourhood’s past are important, and should be acknowledged and celebrated, while at the same time there is great potential in coming together to find cohesion through shared values. The creation of this mosaic mural through a collective process is both a symbolic and literal expression of this diverse community coming together in unity and support.